Tested and used by one of the most extreme WCMX riders; Blake Simpson

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In 2007, ShowerBuddy introduced the first shower transfer system into the market. After 10 years of research and development, working alongside therapists and healthcare professionals, ShowerBuddy now offers an affordable solution for self-propel individuals ~~~ the all new Roll-InBuddy Solo (SB6w). A reinvented ShowerBuddy chair bearing the same integrity as the rest of the line’s shower and bath transfer solutions ~~~ Lightweight, Durable, Tool-less assembly, Easy maneuverability.

SB6w has 4 seating options ~~~ Cushions with closed front and Cushions with right, left or front commode openings, it can adapt to almost any client positioning requirement. It comes standard with an adjustable safety belt that can be used for either chest or lap and also features its signature quick-release armrests allowing ease in transfers. The durability, adaptability and affordability of the ShowerBuddy brand has increased its popularity making it a “household” name in the Rehab world. ShowerBuddy blends into most bathroom environments, accommodating client needs thereby promoting dignity, independence and comfort. Just ask @blakes25r , WCMX rider.


Tested and used by one of the most extreme WCMX riders; Blake Simpson states that "SB6 has brought back the independence and relaxation of taking showers. Being on wheels and having thick cushioning, I can move around wherever I need to and no longer worry about damaging my skin. Thanks SB for taking the stress out of showering and making it something I can actually enjoy!"

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