SolutionBased Brings Momma Home for Christmas

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by Israel Gamburd |


Brandee Evans, director and choreographer of the Los Angeles SparKids’, has been working tirelessly through dance to pay medical bills and raise the funds to obtain the necessary equipment to bring her momma Diana Harrington home from a nursing facility. Her momma has Multiple Sclerosis and was beginning to decline at a nursing home in Memphis. She knew bringing her home would improve her condition and lift her spirits. With the generous donations of many supporters, she was able to raise $12,000 in three days through GoFundMe. Her wish is coming true, and momma will be at home with her in Los Angeles before Christmas.

Brandee had been looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to be able to shower her Momma. She was even on two waiting lists for Senior living homes because she was unable to find the proper shower facilities and was also unable to perform a complete bathroom remodel to accommodate her momma's needs. One of the items on her wish list was the Showerbuddy. It was the perfect solution to her dilemma. As she gathered the necessities to provide adequate homecare she reached out through many social media outlets. One of those outlets was Instagram. The new marketing director of Showerbuddy recently created a profile and linked up to Brandee’s inquiry. Within a matter of days Brandee had an appointment to install her new SB2T Showerbuddy tub conversion.

When they arrived at Brandee’s apartment she was so excited and grateful as she was beginning to think bringing her momma home would no longer be a possibility. She investigated other shower chairs but they were flimsy bootlegs that she didn’t feel safe putting her momma in. She was also concerned about being able to fit a lift in her bathroom. Showerbuddy was a way that her momma could feel normal again instead of the almost inhumane way of bathing that she witnessed at the nursing home. Once Showerbuddy was installed Brandee put it to the test. She was able to feel firsthand the stability and ease of the product and loved everything about it. “I feel like I just got a new car,” she said. She has no complaints about the product and is simply overjoyed at the transformation that will occur in her momma’s life.

Showerbuddy has made it possible for Diana Harrington to be home for Christmas and continues to change lives everyday.