Dealers! Placing orders just got easier. 

Here at SoltuionBased we have been working to help dealers with a better workflow. Now placing orders is easier than ever. Now you can open your branded website to show products and easily make quotes and covert them to invoices on the fly.

• Place orders online at your convenience. No need to call in to place an order.
• Build quotes online. Adding accessories to a quote is as simple as checking a box.
• Easily convert a quote to invoice with push of a button. 
• View all quotes made from your location. Search quotes made from your location.
• Easily search and look up all paid orders in the data base.
• See tracking numbers.
• View all shipped orders. Want to verify an order shipped? Easily search the data base.
• Look up past invoices from your location. Search invoices by PO or by invoice number.

If you are already a dealer you just need to claim access to your account! Enter your email that you use to place orders, so we can find your account. We'lll then send you a login.  There is no charge or fee.