Accessibility while traveling is important.

Investing in more handicap accessible rooms is an opportunity to enhance guest satisfaction, increase market reach, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. 

An estimated 5.5 million Americans use a wheelchair, and many have encountered barriers when it comes to travel.

Now what if I said, you don’t have to remodel!

Convert a regular hotel bathtub into an accessible tub in minutes. ShowerGlyde is a sliding shower transfer bench, designed for individuals having trouble getting into and out of a tub or shower. This makes ShowerGlyde a great shower chair for the elderly and for those with mobility issues.

Why your hotel should consider using ShowerGlyde:
1. Growing Demand: 
Aging Population: The global population is aging, leading to an increased number of people with mobility challenges. More accessible rooms cater to this growing demographic.
Inclusive Travel: Families and groups often include members with disabilities. Providing more accessible rooms can attract larger groups who need such accommodations.
2. Competitive Advantage:
Stand Out: Offering a higher number of accessible rooms can differentiate your hotel from competitors, attracting guests specifically seeking these amenities.
Positive Reputation: Enhancing accessibility fosters a reputation for inclusivity and empathy, leading to positive reviews and repeat business.
3. Financial Benefits:
Revenue Growth: Accessible rooms can lead to increased occupancy rates as you tap into an underserved market segment.
Higher Loyalty: Guests who find accessible accommodations will likely become loyal customers, returning for future stays and recommending your hotel to others.
4. Enhanced Guest Experience:
Comfort and Dignity: Accessible rooms provide comfort and dignity to all guests, ensuring everyone has a pleasant and stress-free stay.
Broader Appeal: Families with young children or elderly members often appreciate the convenience of accessible features, broadening your hotel’s appeal.


Acquiring ShowerGlyde Expands the number of handicap accessible rooms in your hotel and is a strategic move that aligns with market trends, legal requirements, and ethical standards. It enhances guest satisfaction, promotes inclusivity, and drives revenue growth. By making this investment, your hotel can position itself as a leader in accessibility, attracting a loyal and diverse customer base.