Our passion lies in the profound sense of purpose that comes with our work.



At SolutionBased, our passion lies in the profound sense of purpose that comes with our work.



SolutionBased is dedicated to creating products that make a real difference in the lives of our customers.

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I am Israel Gamburd, a dedicated professional who has devoted over 25 years of my life to the Home Access industry. My journey began during college when I juggled caregiving responsibilities at my mom's Board and Care facility while pursuing my architecture degree. It was during this time that I became keenly aware of the pressing need for improved bathing and patient transfer methods.

Concurrently, my father's health was declining, requiring dialysis three times a week. Our family home posed numerous challenges for him to navigate. Some days, my brother and I improvised solutions like tying a sheet to carry him upstairs, while other nights he slept uncomfortably on the couch. These moments ignited my quest for solutions.

In 2007, I crossed paths with Danny Cancian, a New Zealand based inventor who had patented a sliding transfer system for his ailing grandpa. Collaborating with Danny, leveraging our creative design and industry experience, we revolutionized the market with Showerbuddy transfer systems, under the brand Showerbuddy.

For two decades, I poured my heart and soul into Gamburd, Inc and Showerbuddy witnessing its profound impact on countless individuals and families. However, after achieving substantial success, I felt a calling for a new chapter in my life.

With a vision to innovate further, I sold Gamburd Inc. and embarked on a new venture - SolutionBased. This marked a fresh start, focused on introducing innovative and unique home access products and solutions to the market. My mission is to ensure these solutions are accessible to all, offering convenience, independence, and improved quality of life at reasonable prices.

If you're seeking transformative home access options, I invite you to explore the offerings of SolutionBased at Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Together, let's create a more inclusive and accessible world.



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