Extended till July 12th 20% Store-Wide Independence Day Sale

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Happy 4th of July Sale. Enjoy 20% Off

Store-Wide on all of our Shower Solutions till the 5th of July. Β 

Coupon Code: 4THJULY2020

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In place of a home visit we are happy to extend our virtual showroom to you.

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For your use via Zoom (Video Chat application).Video chats have recently proven to bring tremendous value to the sales process and we hope this proves true for your business as well.

Thank you for your continuous support throughout the years. We value our relationship and your efforts during these times of uncertainty. Therefore, we’d like to share a helpful tool that could prove beneficial to your business.

Social Distancing has wreaked havoc on our daily schedules, both personally and professionally. In order to persevere we must quickly adapt to the ever-changing environment . For the time being we (and you) cannot enter our customers homes to perform a much needed evaluation. Therefore, In place of a home visit we are happy to extend our virtual showroom to you, for your use via Zoom (Video Chat application).Video chats have recently proven to bring tremendous value to the sales process and we hope this proves true for your business as well.

Virtual in-services and evaluations have become routine between us and you, our valued dealers. They are easily accessible, informative and most importantly safe. Now we’d like to offer you the same opportunity to communicate with your clientele while utilizing our state-of-the-art showroom and expertise.

With the use of Zoom we can schedule meetings directly from our Showroom and connect you with your client. We are here to help host your meeting and are able to examine different environments, dimensions and criteria. We can answer questions, assess limitations and offer visual support for general inquiries and technical difficulties. There is no limit to the amount of people we bring into the meeting so everyone interested can join. This can include the client, family members, therapist, doctor and so on.

We will be hosting an informational Zoom meeting to discuss more about this opportunity and go over your questions and concerns.Β 

Please shoot support@myshowerbuddy.com a message to receive the invite. -Thank you TeamSb


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Bake Simpson Is Stronger Than Ever

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Blake Simpson has been out of the WCMX game for nearly a year before he was diagnosed with the best news ever, results. Now blake can switch his diet around to function at his peak performance.Β 

blakes25rΒ Last post describing his struggle.Β 

After 3 colonoscopies and a endoscopy, it was finally determined I have bad nerve damage in my gut that will take some time to heal. I used to be stuck in the bathroom all day with no relief, pain 24/7 from the moment I ate that would not go away no matter what. I'd be late to everything, it started to change me as a person. I was angry, depressed from not getting any answers from docs and told nothing was wrong with me, or told it was my neurogenic gut and I had to live with it. The past 3 years have been brutal for me, with it only getting worse (slower gut motility which caused SIBO, gastroparesis and skin issues like acne) but I'm finally healing, slowly but I'm healing. I apologize to any event I was late too or missed, skating would hurt and I didn't talk about it like I should have. Thank you to the very few who have stuck with me through this, Love you all and I miss everyone. This is my year of coming back stronger then ever, but I'm putting my body first now that I know what's going on. Felt the need to announce this, it almost changed me as a person but this year is my year to thrive.

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New BathLyft by SolutionBased Formerly ShowerBuddy

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If you or your loved ones have expressed apprehension about getting into the tub, the BathLyft may be your solution. The BathLyft is an electric bath chair that lowers and lifts the user in and out of the bathtub, reducing the strain on the user and preventing the risk of falls. The stable frame and base plate ensure the user’s stability and safety while the padding and optimized dimensions ensure a comfortable bathing experience. The Bathlyft’s superior design allows for a backrest recline of up to 30Β° and lowers down into the tub with a minimum sitting position of 3.1in from the bottom. The side flaps move into and out of place to create a transfer surface allowing the user even more peace of mind. The water-tight hand control floats in the tub for easy access while bathing and will provide the user with approximately 35 lifts on a single charge. The built-in safety switch will prevent use in case battery is too low to perform a full lift. Two-piece construction makes this lift easy to assemble, disassemble, store and transport. Set-up is tool-free and ensures easy installation and operation.


*Maintenance Free, powerful and quiet

*300 lb weight capacity

*6 self release suction cups

*High backrest, can be positioned and folded with one hand

*Tool-Less Assembly

*Compact, fits into must standard tubs

*Reclines to 30Β° at lowest position

*Lowers to 3 inchesΒ 

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Shower/Commode and Over the Toilet SB2t TubBuddy Real User Testimony

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The Showerbuddy SB2T can convert a standard bathtub into an accessible bathtub in just minutes.

The product consists of 3 main components: Rolling base, bridge, and bathtub base.

The rolling Base rolls around the house like a regular wheelchair. This way patients have easy access to it from their bed or favorite resting chair. The armrest can be flipped back or removed with a snap of a button for easy transfer. Once the patient is in the chair it can be used as a bedside commode or the patient can be rolled over a standard toilet for easy, mess-free toileting.

The bathtub-base stays inside the tub and acts as a support platform. The base is height adjustable to allow for a smooth transition from the rolling base.

The last piece of the puzzle is the bridge which connects the rolling base to the bathtub base. After connecting to the bridge, simply tilt the chair using the lever and slide the patient to the bathtub.

Once the Chair is inside the bathtub you can remove the rolling base and bridge. Now that the entry is clear you can rotate the chair 360 degrees and also close the bathtub curtain or door allowing for privacy.

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