Shower/Commode and Over the Toilet SB2t TubBuddy Real User Testimony

Posted by Brandon Hochman on

The Showerbuddy SB2T can convert a standard bathtub into an accessible bathtub in just minutes.

The product consists of 3 main components: Rolling base, bridge, and bathtub base.

The rolling Base rolls around the house like a regular wheelchair. This way patients have easy access to it from their bed or favorite resting chair. The armrest can be flipped back or removed with a snap of a button for easy transfer. Once the patient is in the chair it can be used as a bedside commode or the patient can be rolled over a standard toilet for easy, mess-free toileting.

The bathtub-base stays inside the tub and acts as a support platform. The base is height adjustable to allow for a smooth transition from the rolling base.

The last piece of the puzzle is the bridge which connects the rolling base to the bathtub base. After connecting to the bridge, simply tilt the chair using the lever and slide the patient to the bathtub.

Once the Chair is inside the bathtub you can remove the rolling base and bridge. Now that the entry is clear you can rotate the chair 360 degrees and also close the bathtub curtain or door allowing for privacy.

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