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If you or your loved ones have expressed apprehension about getting into the tub, the BathLyft may be your solution. The BathLyft is an electric bath chair that lowers and lifts the user in and out of the bathtub, reducing the strain on the user and preventing the risk of falls. The stable frame and base plate ensure the user’s stability and safety while the padding and optimized dimensions ensure a comfortable bathing experience. The Bathlyft’s superior design allows for a backrest recline of up to 30° and lowers down into the tub with a minimum sitting position of 3.1in from the bottom. The side flaps move into and out of place to create a transfer surface allowing the user even more peace of mind. The water-tight hand control floats in the tub for easy access while bathing and will provide the user with approximately 35 lifts on a single charge. The built-in safety switch will prevent use in case battery is too low to perform a full lift. Two-piece construction makes this lift easy to assemble, disassemble, store and transport. Set-up is tool-free and ensures easy installation and operation.


*Maintenance Free, powerful and quiet

*300 lb weight capacity

*6 self release suction cups

*High backrest, can be positioned and folded with one hand

*Tool-Less Assembly

*Compact, fits into must standard tubs

*Reclines to 30° at lowest position

*Lowers to 3 inches 


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