Bake Simpson Is Stronger Than Ever

Posted by Brandon Hochman on

Blake Simpson has been out of the WCMX game for nearly a year before he was diagnosed with the best news ever, results. Now blake can switch his diet around to function at his peak performance. 

blakes25r Last post describing his struggle. 

After 3 colonoscopies and a endoscopy, it was finally determined I have bad nerve damage in my gut that will take some time to heal. I used to be stuck in the bathroom all day with no relief, pain 24/7 from the moment I ate that would not go away no matter what. I'd be late to everything, it started to change me as a person. I was angry, depressed from not getting any answers from docs and told nothing was wrong with me, or told it was my neurogenic gut and I had to live with it. The past 3 years have been brutal for me, with it only getting worse (slower gut motility which caused SIBO, gastroparesis and skin issues like acne) but I'm finally healing, slowly but I'm healing. I apologize to any event I was late too or missed, skating would hurt and I didn't talk about it like I should have. Thank you to the very few who have stuck with me through this, Love you all and I miss everyone. This is my year of coming back stronger then ever, but I'm putting my body first now that I know what's going on. Felt the need to announce this, it almost changed me as a person but this year is my year to thrive.

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